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Highlights of Our History
-40 Years of Proven Solutions-

Residential Finance

S.Crow Collateral Corp. began business in 1982, with a consulting contract with what was then the largest savings and loan institution in the United States and a very major mortgage lender. The S&L had financed development of many residential subdivisions which were then in trouble, Read more...

Tax-advantaged Inflation Protection

For one of the nation's largest financial-services firms, S.Crow Collateral Corp. devised a federally guaranteed retail investment product for both complete inflation protection and tax deferral until maturity. We obtained clean tax opinions from national accounting and legal firms, and we obtained commitments Read more...

The Shift from Consulting to Buying and Selling

In 2005, S.Crow Collateral Corp. changed roles, from that of a consultant to that of a dealer in capital assets. Read more...